Another year for the luck of the draw!  Here are my short stories for my 2014 Deal Me In project:

♠ 3 X 4

             A Herman Melville The Piazza
             K Herman Melville Bartleby
             Q Herman Melville Benito Cereno
             J Herman Melville The Encantadas
            10 Graham Greene The End of the Party
             9 Graham Greene A Branch of the Service
             8 Graham Greene Dream of a Strange Land
             7 Graham Greene Alas, Poor Maling
             6 Ray Bradbury Some Live Like Lazarus
             5 Ray Bradbury Yes, We’ll Gather At The River
             4 Ray Bradbury Kaleidoscope
             3 Ray Bradbury Long After Midnight
             2 WILD James Baldwin  Sonny’s Blues

 ♣4 X 3

         A Ernest Hemingway Soldier’s Home
         K Ernest Hemingway Ten Indians
         Q Ernest Hemingway Now I Lay Me
          J Nathaniel Hawthorne The Celestial Railroad
        10 Nathaniel Hawthorne Young Goodman Brown
          9 Nathaniel Hawthorne Ethan Brand
          8 Kurt Vonnegut Mnemonics
          7 Kurt Vonnegut Find Me A Dream
          6 Kurt Vonnegut The Powder-Blue Dragon
          5 G. K. Chesterton The Ghost of Gideon Wise
          4 G. K. Chesterton The Red Moon of Meru
          3 G. K. Chesterton The Song of the Flying Fish
          2 WILD  Mark Helprin  Perfection

6 X 2

         A TrumanCapote A Diamond Guitar
         K TrumanCapote Mojave
         Q Edith Wharton The Bolted Door
          J Edith Wharton The House of the Dead Hand
        10 Robert Louis Stevenson The Merry Men
          9 Robert Louis Stevenson Will O’ the Mill
          8 Jack London Negore, The Coward
          7 Jack London An Odyssey of the North
          6 Zane Grey The Manager of Madden’s Hill
          5 Zane Grey The Red Headed Outfield
          4 Ring Lardner Alibi Ike
          3 Ring Lardner Haircut
          2 WILD Salman Rushdie  Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella of Spain Consummate Their Relationship (Santa Fe, AD 1492)


         A  ♦ Saki The Recessional
         K  ♦ Katherine Anne Porter The Jilting of Granny Weatherall
         Q  ♦ Anton Chekhov The Bet
          J  ♦ George MacDonald The Gifts of the Child Christ
        10  ♦ Henryk Sienkiewicz The Lighthouse Keeper of Aspinwall
         9  ♦ Mark Twain The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg
         8  ♦ Conrad Aiken Silent Snow, Secret Snow
         7  ♦ Dorothy Parker The Waltz
         6  ♦ James Thurber University Days
         5  ♦ Bernard Malamud A Summer’s Reading
         4  ♦ John Steinbeck Junius Maltby
         3  ♦ Flannery O’Connor Everything That Rises Must Converge
         2  ♦ WILD  Junot Diaz  Edison, New Jersey

48 thoughts on “2014

  1. Okay, Dale, you’re starting to get me amped up for DMI2014 now! (And I’m totally ok with that, of course!)

    You have a great roster to look forward to also. It took me a moment before I “got” your 3×4, 4×3, etc., but I like that nomenclature – and with there being twelve per suit left after wild cards, that’s a nice even number for multiple denominators. 🙂

    I’ve read about a dozen of yours, but your list also includes seven authors I haven’t ever read, which is great because I can lookforward being introduced to them by you.

    I’m not sure yet what all my sources will be. I did pick up the 2012 edition ofThe Best American Short Stories series, which will likely yield a dozen or so. I’d also like to have one of my suits be “indie” authors – I liked the recent anthology I read through and have had some dialogue with a few of the writers here and on twitter which is kind of cool. I never thought I’d get to this point, but space among my fifty-two stories may be at a premium…


    1. Jay, I like your posts about indie writers. I look forward to hearing more! I think it’s been just as much fun coming up with my list as it is reading them. I agree that the 52 spaces can get filled up quick. I stumbled upon the fact that Zane Grey wrote baseball stories as well as westerns when I traveled through his hometown in Ohio while I was on vacation. I had already been thinking about Ring Lardner. I hoping at least one of these stories will pop up during baseball season…

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