I am Dale and these are comments about what I’m reading and perhaps some other topics book-related.  Most of what I read is fiction, but occasionally there will be non-fiction.  I lean toward “classics” but in recent years have been interested in what new authors are out there.  So I usually read some of both.

Stop by to check out and comment on what I’m reading and let me know any reading suggestions you might have.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I read and provided a review for Amazon.com., Manhood of humanity ; the science and art of human engineering, by Alfred Korzybski.

    Title of my review is; Alfred Korzybski ( 1879 to 1950 ) was a Guru who had a Dedicated Mission to Improve Mankind.

  2. As of today, I have written 5 reviews of books for Amazon.com. Anyone can easily access the details by getting on the Google internet page and enter:
    Joseph Rubin Southfield Publisher. Southfield is a city in Michigan, USA.

  3. Recently, I have been promoting a great book to a few authors that I know very well. The book is Louisiana Rogue, published 2013, by Harold Raley. I label this book “Literary Hybrid,” because of two striking features. Raley has written a creative novel with unexpected turns and twists, that also contains a sub-novel that provides vivid information about Native American Indians. This was Raley’s first novel. Before that, since mid-1980’s he has written philosophical material and has also translated works by Spanish philosophers.

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