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Anniversary #10!

Today, it’s been ten years since I started Mirror With Clouds and as I’ve been doing on this day at least for the last few years, here are my top ten favorite short stories that I’ve read this year based only on how much I enjoyed them:

10.) This Morning, This Evening, So Soon – James Baldwin

9.) Mama’s Missionary Money – Chester Himes

8.) Solo On The Drums – Ann Petry

7.) The Country In the Woman – Zora Neale Hurston

6.) Ritual – Crystal Wilkinson

5.) Shingles For The Lord – William Faulkner

4.) An Evening’s Entertainment – M. R. James

3.) Cry For Me – William Melvin Kelley

2.) The Sky is Gray – Ernest J. Gaines

And I had to consider the Number 1 spot to be a tie because I couldn’t decide between these two:

1.) Marigolds – Eugenia W. Collier

1.) Train Whistle Guitar – Albert Murray

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