Here are my ad hoc short stories from 2014:

1.  Lazarus – Leonid Andreyev (Not a story for the faint of heart, but well worth reading.  I’m not posting about it, but feel free to check out Jay’s great post here.)

2.  The Library of Babel – Jorge Luis Borges (A story that warrants lots of re-reads, read about it at Candiss’ excellent post here.)

3.  Fat Man and Little Boy – Gary A. Braunbeck (A great Ray Bradbury tribute and one of the more memorable fictional friendships, read a great post about it by Katherine).

4.  A Canary for One – Ernest Hemingway (Here is a post about it at James Reads Books).

5.  Bullet in the Brain – Tobias Wolff  (I found a little bit of humor in what the protagonist found funny – I’m not sure that’s a good thing.  Read more about this story over at Candiss’ blog).

6.  The Sepia Postcard – Steven Millhauser

7.  Klassik Komix #1 – Steven Millhauser

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