Fifty-two cards, fifty-two weeks and fifty two short stories!  Here’s my list of short stories I’ve chosen for the luck of the draw in 2013:

A Hearts A Perfect Day For Bananafish J. D. Salinger
K Hearts Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut J. D. Salinger
Q Hearts Just Before The War With the Eskimos J. D. Salinger
J Hearts The Laughing Man J. D. Salinger
10 Hearts Down At The Dinghy J. D. Salinger
9 Hearts Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes J. D. Salinger
8 Hearts De Daumier-Smith’s Blue Period J. D. Salinger
7 Hearts Teddy J. D. Salinger
6 Hearts A Crazy Tale G. K. Chesterton
5 Hearts The Selfish Giant Oscar Wilde
4 Hearts The Fisherman and His Soul Oscar Wilde
3 Hearts The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Stephen Crane
2 Hearts WILD: A Rose For Emily  William Faulkner

A Spades Wakefield Nathaniel Hawthorne
K Spades Feathertop Nathaniel Hawthorne
Q Spades Witches’ Loaves O. Henry
J Spades The Bell Tower Herman Melville
10 Spades The Portent Herman Melville
9 Spades All Souls’ Edith Wharton
8 Spades The Remarkable Rocket Oscar Wilde
7 Spades The Upturned Face Stephen Crane
6 Spades The Open Boat Stephen Crane
5 Spades The Blue Hotel Stephen Crane
4 Spades The Bottle Imp Robert Louis Stevenson
3 Spades Providence and the Guitar Robert Louis Stevenson
2 Spades WILD: After Rain William Trevor

A Clubs Cheating at Canasta William Trevor
K Clubs Sacred Statues William Trevor
Q Clubs The Piano Tuner’s Wives William Trevor
J Clubs Cat In The Rain Ernest Hemingway
10 Clubs Hills Like White Elephants Ernest Hemingway
9 Clubs  A Death in the Desert Willa Cather
8 Clubs  Ardessa Willa Cather
7 Clubs The Bohemian Girl Willa Cather
6 Clubs The Bookkeeper’s Wife Willa Cather
5 Clubs Coming, Aphrodite! Willa Cather
4 Clubs The Enchanted Bluff Willa Cather
3 Clubs Flavia and Her Artists Willa Cather
2 Clubs WILD: A Child’s Christmas in Wales  Dylan Thomas

A Diamonds The Marriage of Phaedra Willa Cather
K Diamonds Thanasphere Kurt Vonnegut
Q Diamonds The No-Talent Kid Kurt Vonnegut
J Diamonds The Boy Who Hated Girls Kurt Vonnegut
10 Diamonds Bagombo Snuff Box Kurt Vonnegut
9 Diamonds The Cruise of the Jolly Roger Kurt Vonnegut
8 Diamonds Ambitious Sophomore Kurt Vonnegut
7 Diamonds Tarquin of Cheapside F. Scott Fitzgerald
6 Diamonds The Jelly Bean F. Scott Fitzgerald
5 Diamonds The Lees of Happiness F. Scott Fitzgerald
4 Diamonds Porcelain and Pink F. Scott Fitzgerald
3 Diamonds The Camel’s Back F. Scott Fitzgerald
2 Diamonds WILD: Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman Murakami, Haruki

10 thoughts on “2013

  1. Great selections Dale! I’ve read 16 of these over the years. Your deck is stacked with more multiple-story authors than mine, but they are good authors! I look forward to hearing about the Cather takes as she is a relatively new discovery for me. I will likely be plundering your list for a wild card or two. I’m also happy to see that you’ve included William Trevor. I loved his collection, “After Rain.”

    1. Hey Jay! I have a feeling I’m going to be reading more entire short story collections in 2013 in addition to these stories. And since October, I’ve enjoyed reading holiday themed stories. So I will probably do that in addition to these stories. In reading longer books, I find that I can post about short stories while I’m reading them.

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