Posted in Short Stories

Ken Liu: The Waves

There was no more line between the ghost and the machine.

Bits of sea foam floated up and rode the wind to parts unknown.

Ken Liu’s story “The Waves” uses a trip through space to illustrate the concepts of beginnings and endings and immortality and eternity. Maybe concepts that are inherent in every story we tell whether they are hidden or, as in this story, obvious.

The characters make decisions regarding when to begin and when to end. They tell stories about origins from many different cultures and times. In spite of changes over what could be eons, a mother’s love for her husband and children doesn’t end.

Many of Liu’s stories in this collection deal with familial love or in some cases the lack thereof. The love in this story is quite powerful.

The next story in this collection, “Mono No Aware”, is similar in content, could be considered the opposite in ideas, but family love? Yes, it’s still there. Look for a post about this one, tomorrow.

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