A Spades The Story of My Dovecot Isaac Babel
K Spades The Rocking Horse Winner D. H. Lawrence
Q Spades Death of a Right Fielder Stuart Dybek
J Spades How to Become a Writer Lorrie Moore
10 Spades Children as Enemies Ha Jin
9 Spades The Reach Stephen King
8 Spades The School Donald Barthelme
7 Spades Blood-Burning Moon Jean Toomer
6 Spades Peter Rugg, the Missing Man William Austin
5 Spades My Son the Murderer Bernard Malamud
4 Spades Where is the Voice Coming From? Eudora Welty
3 Spades The Little Regiment Stephen Crane
2 Spades WILD: Lost Ground William Trevor
A Clubs The Gray Champion Nathaniel Hawthorne
K Clubs After the Storm Ernest Hemingway
Q Clubs Bernice Bobs Her Hair F. Scott Fitzgerald
J Clubs Midair Frank Conroy
10 Clubs Zelig Benjamin Rosenblatt
9 Clubs A Jury of Her Peers Susan Glaspell
8 Clubs My Dead Brother Comes to America Alexander Godin
7 Clubs Resurrection of Life William Saroyan
6 Clubs The Interior Castle Jean Stafford
5 Clubs Gold Coast James Alan McPherson
4 Clubs The Best Girlfriend You Never Had Pam Houston
3 Clubs Soon Pam Durban
2 Clubs WILD: The Virgin’s Gift William Trevor
A Hearts Gesturing John Updike
K Hearts Roses, Rhododendron Alice Adams
Q Hearts Verona: A Young Woman Speaks Harold Brodkey
J Hearts The Farmer’s Children Elizabeth Bishop
10 Hearts The Man Who Stole the Eiffel Tower Graham Greene
9 Hearts A Half-Pint of Old Darling Wendell Berry
8 Hearts En La Noche Ray Bradbury
7 Hearts The Fairy-Tale of Father Brown G. K. Chesteron
6 Hearts The Body Snatcher Robert Louis Stevenson
5 Hearts Carlyle Tries Polygamy William Melvin Kelley
4 Hearts Do the Windows Open? Julie Hecht
3 Hearts Notes from a Bottle James Stevenson
2 Hearts WILD: Faith  William Trevor
A Diamonds Lions, Harts, Leaping Does J. F. Powers
K Diamonds The Hyannis Port Story Kurt Vonnegut
Q Diamonds Bright and Morning Star Richard Wright
J Diamonds I Want to Live! Thom Jones
10 Diamonds The Devil in the Desert Paul Horgan
9 Diamonds Playland Ron Hansen
8 Diamonds Keepsakes Jon Hassler
7 Diamonds The Fourth at Getup A. B. Guthrie, Jr.
6 Diamonds Lost Land of Youth Jesse Stuart
5 Diamonds Evenings at Home Elizabeth Hardwick
4 Diamonds Diary of a Union Soldier Pat Carr
3 Diamonds The Gift Janice Holt Giles
2 Diamonds WILD Graillis’s Legacy William Trevor