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Paul Griner: Clouds


Deal Me In 2020 – Week 33

I lie back, feel the grass, springy beneath my shoulders, tickling my neck. There’s not a cloud in the sky, just the blue heavens, arching and empty.

In Paul Griner’s short story “Clouds”, the elderly narrator has had a fascination with clouds for much of his adult life. In the story, he explains the science behind clouds – that clouds, while they look like something significant, they are made up of comparatively little substance.

As the narrator explains this, he also tells of his life as a husband and father. He doesn’t consider himself to have been great at either.

Griner’s ability to combine both of these scenarios into one story is truly magnificent. The narrator pays more attention to what has less signficance or substance.

Yes, it is possible for a person to be interested in clouds and be a good father and husband. But this narrator wasn’t able to grasp that.

This is another story from Home and Beyond: An Anthology of Kentucky Short Stories edited by Morris Allen Grubbs. I read it when I selected the Eight of Clubs for Week 33 of my Deal Me In 2020 short story project. Check out my Deal Me In 2020 list here. Deal Me In is hosted by Jay at Bibliophilopolis.

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