Mark Twain’s “My Watch: An Instructive Little Tale”

At the end of two months it had left all the timepieces of the town far in the rear, and was a fraction over thirteen days ahead of the almanac. It was away into November enjoying the snow, while October leaves were still turning.


“My Watch: An Instructive Little Tale” is another story by Mark Twain with a less than exciting title; however, at three pages, while indeed a little tale, it packs in a lot of humor.

Almost every sentence brings about a chuckle due to the narrator taking his prized watch to one repair shop after another. Each one indicates something different is wrong with the watch. I don’t know much about watches but I wonder whether they actually have parts called regulators or a barrell which can swell?

The result of each repair is described with passages like the one I quoted above. In spite of the advancement of technology from Twain’s day to our’s, the story still rings true. And I’m sure if Twain were around today, he would still find something funny about iPhones and laptops.


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