Graham Greene: Cheap in August (Deal Me In 2016 – Week 41)

K♣ K♣ K♣ K♣ K♣ K♣ K♣ K♣

The trouble was that, after three weeks of calypsos in the humid evenings, the rum punches (for which she could no longer disguise from herself a repugnance), the warm Martinis, the interminable red snappers, and tomatoes with everythng, there had been no affair, not even the hint of one. She had discovered with disappointment the essential morality of a holiday resort in the cheap season: there were no opportunities for infidelity, only for writing postcards…

Kudos to Graham Greene for using the title phrase of his short story “Cheap in August” over and over again – without it becoming annoying or cliche. Everytime I read the phrase I thought “This is actually working!”

Mary Watson, a British woman living in New England vacations in Jamaica while her American husband travels to England on business. All of this European and American contrast is delightfully confusing (or confusingly delightful – I don’t know). While there could be a sort of cultural, political commentary buried way underneath the bamboo bars and warm Martinis, I’m not convinced that’s the real point of the story.


Mary travels to Jamaica by herself for the purpose of having what she calls an “adventure” or what most might call an affair. Gravely disappointed that a middle-aged woman like herself isn’t seen as attractive to the mostly younger men hanging out at her resort, she ultimately meets a much older and significantly less attractive man.

With his title phrase, Greene captures the air of rejection felt by Mary. He also captures Mary’s regret that neither she nor her husband have the amount of money and material success she thought they would have had by now.

“Cheap in August” is one of those stories that oozes sadness; however, the light wit with which it’s written keeps the reader from feeling the same sadness as the characters. It also makes it one of my favorite Graham Greene stories. Though  I haven’t come close to reading all of his stories, I would highly recommend this one and “A Branch of the Service”. 

I read this when I selected the King of Clubs for Week 41 of my Deal Me In 2016 short story project. It’s included in my copy of Graham Greene: Complete Short Stories. My Deal Me In 2016 list can be found here. Deal Me In is sponsored by Jay at Bibliophilopolis.


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