The Martian by Andy Weir

If you have already seen the film version of Andy Weir’s The Martian (as I had prior to reading the novel), you probably won’t get much more from the book; however, I still found it worth reading.


I think the book provides a closer look into astronaut Mark Watney’s personality and Weir does an amazing job of making Watney incredibly funny while constantly in the face of danger stranded on Mars. Watney’s quirkiness isn’t simply a gimmick. He’s a very believable character.

Most of the novel is from Watney’s point of view as he writes log entries about his situation on Mars. After explaining in detail why he might die in the near future, he closes his entries with a comment about a cheesy 1970’s TV show he is watching or the Disco music he is listening to (one of his 1970’s obsessed crew mates left digital copies of all things 70’s).

I’m not a scientist so I have no idea if the the science aspect of the novel is real or potentially real. All I can say is that it all sounded really good.

On, the novel is listed as The Martian #1. Does this mean there will be more of Mark Watney in future novels? I can hope!


6 responses to “The Martian by Andy Weir

  1. The Martian, which I recommended for my Rathskeller book club, was the most popular of our 2015 reads (this offset my other recommendation, Ben Hur, which was the LEAST popular). Unlike you I read the book before seeing the film, and for once wasn’t disappointed in the cinematic treatment. A 5-star read for me. Glad you liked it too. I hadn’t heard of the possibility of sequels but will keep my fingers crossed…

    • The movie did justice to the book. I don’t know if there will be more but I didn’t know what the “#1” meant after the title. Like maybe there will be a #2. I think Weir did an exceptional job at creating Mark Watney.

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