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Saul Bellow Week, Day 5 – Mosby’s Memoir

I confess that there have been times this week when I feel like I would understand some of Saul Bellow’s stories better if I had a Ph.D in Philosophy or Political Science or History or maybe even all three.  On the other hand, it hasn’t diminished my overall enjoyment and appreciation of them.

“Mosby’s Memoir” might be the exception to the latter rule.  Willis Mosby visits Mexico to write his memoir.  The majority of the story tells Mosby’s memories and thoughts as he contemplates what to include in his memoir. Many of these thoughts involve Lustgarten, his friend, both current and former, if I understand correctly.


The current and former aspect of this story could be puzzling in that present and past seems to get mixed up within the same paragraph. Any reader who enjoys a challenge and having to think very hard while reading a story should love this one. I don’t know whether I was simply lazy or whether it was just over my head – maybe a little of both.

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