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Annie Proulx Week, Day 3 – 55 Miles to the Gas Pump

At a page and a half, Annie Proulx’s story “55 Miles to the Gas Pump” is even shorter than yesterday’s story “The Blood Bay”. It also has a comedic tone, and while dark, it’s more tongue-in-cheek.  In half a paragraph, Proulx manages to muster up more suspense than some authors can in an entire novel.  For a few seconds, the reader wonders what is in the attic that Rancher Croom keeps locked from Mrs. Croom.  The answer might come as a shock to the reader but not to Mrs. Croom.

The story has nothing to do with a gas pump but everything to do with people who live isolated from other people.  As Proulx puts it at the end of the story:

When you live a long way out you make your own fun.


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