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Two new projects…

I’m starting two new long-term reading projects.  First, I’ve joined The Classics Club and picked 60 books to read over the next three years.  As I have been thinking of future annual reading projects, a list started coming together, so it seemed like the thing to do was join.  See the list and more details at my Classics Club page.

Reading the Newbery Medal winners makes up my other project.  Since they’ve been awarding the Newbery Medal each year since 1922, the list is rather lengthy.  I’m not setting any end date to finish this list.  I’m looking forward to reading them whenever the mood strikes me.  See more information at my Newbery Medal Winners page.

Closer to the end of the year, look for my 2013 short story project.

Have you read any of the books on these lists?  Are you thinking about any future reading projects?

5 thoughts on “Two new projects…

    1. Laura’s reading is very impressive! Neil Gaiman is an author I’ve seen all over the blogosphere and then there he is having won the 2008 Newbery for “The Graveyard Book”. Sounds like a good book to read in October.

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