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Library Memories: Boone County Public Library of Northern Kentucky

As this is the current library I visit and utilize, I don’t know whether the word “memories” is appropriate as it implies something in the past; however, my experience at BCPL over the last few years is what has prompted me to recollect the libraries that have had an impact on me both as a child and an adult.

As the most recent recession hit my family and others rather hard, I’ve come to fully realize and appreciate that the vast education and entertainment resources available at BCPL (and many other libraries) are FREE!  That may seem to be stating the obvious but it can be easy, especially when such a top notch library like BCPL is available, to sometimes forget that fact.

In addition to all the books I’ve read from BCPL (still the first and foremost reason I utilize the library), the movies, music and games continue to attract me and my family.  I’ve come to enjoy the live concerts that they sponsor (usually on Friday nights).  Various kinds of music and, many times, local artists headline the concert series each season.  One of the more memorable concerts for myself has been Jeffrey Foucault, a folk singer I had not heard of before seeing him on the BCPL concert schedule.  He’s now one of my favorites.  I also saw the Louisville band The Muckrakers along with Brigid Kaelin (who has played the musical saw while performing with Elvis Costello).  I’ll mention one more time – all of these concerts are FREE!

(Brigid Kaelin)

The Main Branch of the library in Burlington, Kentucky had just started construction when I moved to the area.    At the entrance, patrons are greeted by a statue of Mary Draper Ingles, best known (at least by me) as the heroine in James Alexander Thom’s novel Follow The River.  I believe the river in the title references the Ohio River – only a few miles away from BCPL.  While I haven’t read this novel yet, I’ve read Thom’s novel Sign-Talker recently.

BCPL main branch

(Main Branch view from Highway 18)

MDI statue

(Mary Draper Ingles statue at entrance of Main Branch)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the small but mighty Lents Branch here.  This is the branch that I visit most.  The friendliness of the staff continues to make it a pleasure to walk into every few days (that’s about how often I visit).  If an item is at another branch, I can request it online to be sent to Lents and it will be there usually within 24 hours, saving me a trip.

BCPL is a fitting end to my library trip down memory lane.  As most libraries are, BCPL is a significant contributor to the culture and education of it’s community.

4 thoughts on “Library Memories: Boone County Public Library of Northern Kentucky

  1. Hi Dale,
    I’ve really been enjoying your series of posts about “the different libraries in your life.” I’m a bit envious as they all seem to put most of mine to shame (except for the Central Library and maybe the one in Carmel). It’s great that they have music there too, and the statue of Mary Ingles, well, that’s the clincher! Having read Follow the River years ago, I think that’s just awesome!

    1. Thanks, Jay! I’ve enjoyed thinking about them as I’ve written the posts. I’ll be honest. It wasn’t until you wrote a post about James Alexander Thom and I started looking into his novels that I realized “oh, that’s who that woman is standing in front of the library”. The statue came after the building and I do recall talk about the novel at the time. I’ll have to read Follow The River soon, although it may not be until next year.

  2. What a wonderful way to have our efforts validated – through a blog post by a satisfied patron. I believe you wrote about us during National Library Week, too, Dale. I am so happy to hear that you are making use of the Library’s collection and free concert series. And thank you for telling your readers about us. I’ll share the link to your post with our staff. Would you mind if I posted it on our facebook and twitter pages, too? –Becky Kempf, Public Relations Coordinator, Boone County Public Library

    1. Thanks for your comment, Becky! Please feel free to post this on facebook and twitter! Thanks to everyone at BCPL for all they do to make it a great experience!

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