Maybe it could win an Emmy…

Occasionally, I feel the need to read a book simply for entertainment.  This need seems to always come during the summer.  As summer unofficially began this past weekend and the pool opened, I decided to read the second novel in Lisa Lutz’s Spellman series, Curse of the Spellmans.

The novel includes the same smart comedy contained in the first book, The Spellman Files.  The novel or the series would not win the Pulitzer or Nobel by any means, but it could win an Emmy if it was made into a sitcom.  A sitcom in book form is probably the best way to describe the book and the series.  I have to admit that I’ve been known to enjoy a sitcom or two over the years (or decades, actually).

The second novel again tells the misadventures of the the Spellman family and their Private Investigation company.  The story is told by the middle daughter, Isabelle, a thirty-year old reformed delinquent.  Her sixteen year-old sister, Rae, makes for a likable sidekick as they perform Lucy and Ethel-type antics while investigating their suspicious new neighbor, John Brown, known throughout the book as “Subject”.

Henry Stone, a mild-mannered cop, gets caught up in these antics much to his dismay.  However, as the story progresses, he becomes more attached to the sisters than he cares to admit.  One of the humorous parts of the first novel was Isabelle’s fascination with the old tv show, Get Smart, and her detailed knowledge of every episode.  In the second novel, Henry Stone introduces the girls to the series, Dr. Who.  Isabelle and Rae tend to want to only watch the newer episodes, while Henry insists that they watch episodes from forty years ago in spite of the poor special effects.

It seems Henry and Isabelle could perhaps strike up a more romantic relationship in the future, but like most sitcoms, it will probably take a while for them to actually express their feelings to each other.  Numerous distractions will probably keep them apart for at least a few more episodes… I mean books.  There’s at least three more of which I’m aware in the series.


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