Here’s to the Boone County Public Library of Northern Kentucky!

In honor of National Library Week (April 8 -14, 2012), I wanted to give a shout out to the Boone County Public Library of Northern Kentucky.  This library more than holds its own when compared to some other larger libraries.  I’m able to get almost any book I’m looking for in addition to movies and music.  Occasionally, they may not have a book I’m looking for, but they can get it for me through interlibrary loans.  Last year, they got a book for me from a Florida library within two weeks.

They also have a concert schedule that I would recommend to anyone interested in live performances of various types of music – free!  I saw folk singer Jeffrey Foucault about a year ago.  It wasn’t just one of the best free concerts I’ve ever seen.  It was flat out one of the best concerts I’ve seen, period.

In the age of eReaders, they haven’t fallen by the wayside, by any means.  eReaders can be borrowed and many eBooks are in their collection, instantly ready to download to your own eReader.

They have numerous activities and programs for both kids and adults.  In connection with The Hunger Games movie, they provided several activities for teenagers with the movie as a theme.  They also conducted a class to teach people how to plan a Disney vacation.  Anyone who needs to brush up on their Microsoft Office skills, they periodically hold classes on Excel, Word, Access, etc.

I thank BCPL for being such a vital part of the life of my family!


2 responses to “Here’s to the Boone County Public Library of Northern Kentucky!

  1. Thank you for the shout out in your blog! What a wonderful surprise during National Library Week. I emailed the link for your blog post to all 156 BCPL staff members at all six of our locations. We work very hard to make the Library the place you just described and your kind words validate our efforts. -Becky Kempf, Public Relations Coordinator, Boone County Public Library

  2. Thanks for your response, Becky! Everyone does a wonderful job! I especially appreciate the staff at the Lents branch. It’s the branch I go to the most, but like I said, everyone is great!
    – Dale Barthauer

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